The Teachers

Check out this great post from Sarah Blaine–a former teacher–who reminds the public that most people don’t really know what teachers do or how hard they work. Great piece for teacher advocacy!


by Sarah Blaine

We all know what teachers do, right? After all, we were all students. Each one of us, each product of public education, we each sat through class after class for thirteen years. We encountered dozens of teachers. We had our kindergarten teachers and our first grade teachers and our fifth grade teachers and our gym teachers and our art teachers and our music teachers. We had our science teachers and our social studies teachers and our English teachers and our math teachers. If we were lucky, we might even have had our Latin teachers or our Spanish teachers or our physics teachers or our psychology teachers. Heck, I even had a seventh grade “Communications Skills” teacher. We had our guidance counselors and our principals and some of us had our special education teachers and our study hall monitors.

So we know teachers. We get teachers. We know…

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Be audacious

"You have to have the audacity to think that you're the one person who's gonna make a difference." --Henry Cram in the film Standardized. (Click for trailer) Over the weekend, I saw the new documentary "Standardized." It's a film about the perils of high stakes testing and the negative effects this creates for hard-working schools and hard-working kids. No... Continue Reading →

Action required

Major blow to the teacher force today...a valued colleague, an excellent special educator shared with me that she plans to leave special education at the end of the year. She listed the typical reasons: too many students, not enough time to teach them, the paperwork is too much, she can't work the extra hours, and... Continue Reading →

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