My year of inviting politicians to class…

Almost every adult in this country went through some sort of a school in their youth; almost everyone has had at least one teacher. Sure, there are some adults who were home-schooled and some whose education occurred in other countries (like my mother), but the vast majority of our society’s adults went through public or... Continue Reading →

Dr. Gene Glass: Who Owns the Future?

As part of my doctoral program, we have "Research Day" every semester. Students design presentations to share their research with the educational community--anyone really--because the event is free. This semester, we were so honored to have Dr. Gene Glass as our keynote speaker. He is certainly one of my heroes as far as teacher critical... Continue Reading →

“Pay it forward…part 87”

         As teachers, we go to battle for our students all the time. We do those extra things that we aren’t paid for but that we know are in the best interests of our students.         Through the years, I couldn’t begin to count the number of times that I have gone to battle for students--the... Continue Reading →

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