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Response: Yes, apathy is the deadliest sin of all

This post “Is Apathy the Deadliest Sin” had me thinking so much that it required a post rather than just a comment. In response to this question, I have to loudly shout “YES!” I think that apathy is absolute death

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Is apathy the deadliest sin?…

I was completely apathetic towards math when I was in school. It was hard for me and I pretty much stunk at it, which is probably why I probably had no strong connection to it. A catch-22 of sorts. However,

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What’s in a Name?…

A few weeks ago, my students and I talked about the connotative value of words. A word like “Lady” means something quite different than “woman,” even though they both mean the same thing: an adult, female human. “Terrorist” brings a

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The teacher exodus continues…

With great sadness today, I signed my teaching contract for next year. I love my job. I love my classroom and my students. I love my district and the many caring educators who pour their hearts into teaching kids. My

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