Response: Yes, apathy is the deadliest sin of all

This post "Is Apathy the Deadliest Sin" had me thinking so much that it required a post rather than just a comment. In response to this question, I have to loudly shout "YES!" I think that apathy is absolute death to teachers in the profession today. As this school year nears a close, I keep... Continue Reading →

Is apathy the deadliest sin?…

I was completely apathetic towards math when I was in school. It was hard for me and I pretty much stunk at it, which is probably why I probably had no strong connection to it. A catch-22 of sorts.However, like most people, I was totally motivated at all the things that I was good at,... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Name?…

A few weeks ago, my students and I talked about the connotative value of words. A word like "Lady" means something quite different than "woman," even though they both mean the same thing: an adult, female human. "Terrorist" brings a far different image to mind than "Revolutionary," even though they mean essentially the same thing.... Continue Reading →

The teacher exodus continues…

With great sadness today, I signed my teaching contract for next year. I love my job. I love my classroom and my students. I love my district and the many caring educators who pour their hearts into teaching kids. My district has fought hard to keep the state budget cuts from decreasing teacher pay checks. We've... Continue Reading →

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