Welcome Cara!

I would like to formally welcome Cara Cosentino as a contributor on LeadfromINtheclassroom.com! Cara is a talented teacher who leads from her classroom with great passion! I look forward to her posts and comments on the site. Welcome!

What If We Weren’t Afraid?

If Arizona continues to support expansion of “school choice” (charters & private), what will happen to local (non-charter) public schools? Teachers, what will happen to your jobs if it becomes widely accepted to staff schools with non-certified teachers? Support public schools and certified public school teachers! I think that these are some pretty important questions,... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence

Many apologies for the deafening silence on this blog for the last few months. Amongst the many things keeping me busy (and probably you, too!) I joined another blog team that requires scheduled postings--that are not allowed to be posted anywhere else. If it's ever quiet here, you might want to check out the cool... Continue Reading →

Go Together

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." --African proverb I've been thinking a lot about this proverb the last few days and the meaning it has to me. In my opinion, "go together" is just about the best advice I've ever heard for navigating this world--especially the professional... Continue Reading →

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