Things people could say if they’re against Prop. 123…

People are asking me exactly what they should say to their legislators and Ducey if they are against Prop. 123, so listed below are some ideas. And, please, there are a lot of knowledgable people who follow this page/blog, and I am asking you to add to the list in the comment section.

(As a side note: I cannot and will not tell people how to vote, but I can remind people that our schools are already in financial crisis and to please consider that while making what is a very important decision that will have significant consequences either way).

And remember two things: keep your email as short as possible and it’s very important that your email does not sound like it’s a  bulk email, so if you can, personalize the ideas I have listed below. (With that said, if you’re struggling with composing your own email, feel free to cut and paste anything below. It’s better to send what might appear to be a form-email than to not say/send anything at all.)

In the list below, numbers 4 and 5 are my personal favorites, by the way.

1. I value our public schools too much to vote for them getting only 72 cents on each dollar that’s owed to them.

2. Stealing from our children’s future to fund schools now is just not something I can do. I value my grand children’s future as much as I value my children’s future.

3. The built-in triggers are potentially too destructive.

4. I haven’t seen  any evidence of plans for additional funding. This is supposed to be “the first step.” Where are the other steps?

5. The legislature proved their intent for the future of education through the ESA/voucher bills they initiated this session. I have a serious problem with past-due inflation dollars going to private schools.

6. The Republican leadership has shown that it prioritizes tax cuts over adequately funding education, and I have a problem with raiding the trust land in order to facilitate funding those tax cuts.

Thank you, folks, for the interest. The open letter that I posted has gotten a ton of traffic. It’s been shared on various pages over 200 times (that’s of the postings I can actually see; I can’t see “shares” from pages that are completely private or from people who aren’t FB “Friends” with me).

Let’s stay ahead of the false narrative that will hit if Prop. 123 fails. Please. Double please. Please with a cherry on top.

But let’s also stay ahead of the narrative if it passes. Contact your elected officials even if you’re voting “yes.” Please, please with a cherry on top.

2 thoughts on “Things people could say if they’re against Prop. 123…

Add yours

  1. Thank you. Your posts have been extremely helpful. As bad a deal as Prop 123 is for public education, without it our schools are likely to get nothing from the Legislature or Governor.


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