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Trump and language…hint: language matter

Part of my job is to analyze language. Students need to understand their own use of language in order to become better writers, and my role is to help them with that process. They also need to understand how authors

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Things people could say if they’re against Prop. 123…

People are asking me exactly what they should say to their legislators and Ducey if they are against Prop. 123, so listed below are some ideas. And, please, there are a lot of knowledgable people who follow this page/blog, and

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Open letter to those opposed to Prop. 123

To all of the folks who are voting “No” on Prop. 123, In case people don’t read to the end (but read to the end), if you are voting against Prop. 123, contact your legislators and the governor and tell

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Teachers advocating for students…

When is a teacher no longer functioning as a teacher? I would argue that I ALWAYS represent my school district. I don’t drink alcohol, but I have bought alcohol before, and I remember running into the mom of one of

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Is it possible to “win a class over”?

On a national teachers’ Facebook page, someone recently asked, “How do you win a class over?” He got hundreds of responses, most of which I didn’t read, because I don’t think that there’s an answer to that which would be

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Misguided or destructive?…

I became a runner because a coach cared about me, even though—at the time—I was the worst runner on the team. The fact that she cared about me, and her ability to let me know that, literally changed my life.

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Unintended Consequences…

You know how people are all outraged about “ObamaCare”? Well, it’s one of those things that—to me, a non-medical person—sounds really good. Who doesn’t like the idea of everyone getting to have health insurance, even with pre-existing conditions? Apparently, it

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