Six word memoirs…what’s yours?

I'm part of a teacher-leadership program, and we all had to submit a six word memoir--the story of our lives. Yes, six words! Well, mine has always been to go through life with the intent of making the world a bit of a better place than it was before (which, I think, is almost an... Continue Reading →

The future is in good hands, part #37

I am in Louisville this week, scoring advanced placement English Literature essays (with 2500 other college professors and English teachers from across the nation). I am impressed by a few things: 1) that there are 2500 English teachers from across the nation who spend a grueling seven days scoring essays. It's the hardest job I've... Continue Reading →

The impact of coaches: evaluate that!

I have been running with my high school’s cross-country team, which meets at 6AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. About 40-50 kids show up, some of the kids having already graduated but coming back to hang out with their coaches and their friends. Today, I think there were seven kids who are now in college.... Continue Reading →

Retained!–in the good way

For all who read my initial post about a friend in special education who was leaving the profession, I am very happy to share that she decided to return as a special education teacher next year. I am delighted to have her as a talented colleague serving kids. Teacher leaders rejoice 🙂 Spread the love... Continue Reading →

Marathon complete

Well, I just completed my 9th highly-demanding marathon and I am worn out! NY City Marathon? Nope. Breast Cancer 3-day? Nope. Mud Race? Nope. Obstacle Course? Well, yes a little bit. Dress up and get paint sprayed on me race? Nope, definitely not that. I just completed my 9th year teaching! It was a dramatic... Continue Reading →

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