Setting limits: Superhero strength needed!

Goodbye August! For teachers, back-to-school month is BRUTAL. On average, I worked 11-12 hour days over the last few weeks to keep up with the fast pace of my classroom, school, and district activities. Being a teacher in August takes superhero strength and endurance. Certainly, I was not alone. This is just what teachers do this time of year.As... Continue Reading →

Rebrand Teaching? Absolutely.

Like the temptation to gaze at a car accident, I cannot help but stare speechlessly when teachers attack one another in cyberspace over policy opinions, personal beliefs, or teaching pedagogy. Disagreements are unavoidable in this political climate, but teachers have a choice to disagree respectfully instead of crushing each other monster-truck style. It’s time for... Continue Reading →

Misguided or destructive?…

I became a runner because a coach cared about me, even though—at the time—I was the worst runner on the team. The fact that she cared about me, and her ability to let me know that, literally changed my life. I went on to run in college, and I still run all but two days... Continue Reading →

Unintended Consequences…

You know how people are all outraged about “ObamaCare”? Well, it’s one of those things that—to me, a non-medical person—sounds really good. Who doesn’t like the idea of everyone getting to have health insurance, even with pre-existing conditions? Apparently, it only sounds good, though, because my insurance friend talks about it with a very negative... Continue Reading →

What if we were ALL IN?

At our district opening ceremonies this week, there were great speeches surrounding the topic "be all in." Speakers connected the importance of being all in for students, all in for families, all in for our schools, and all in for team collaboration. I think that this is a great topic. I'm totally ALL IN because... Continue Reading →

New teachers: Be the change

Last week, I had the privilege to help welcome new special education teachers to my district. I absolutely LOVE early career teachers. Their enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. Being a special education induction coach (an after-school gig) is something that I am passionate about because we need excellent teachers who stay in this field. My... Continue Reading →

Can we perhaps change things?

(This is very local to Scottsdale, Arizona. "SOS" refers to a FB page called Safeguard Our Students). Perhaps you have heard this little quip before, but here it is again: making changes to this world does not happen by clicking “like” on a Facebook page. Making actual comments on a posting on a FB page... Continue Reading →

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