Are we ready for the hurricane?

         This is what I want to tell all of my teacher-friends, but I don’t know if I will. Sure, some of them follow this blogging site, but most of them don’t.         You see, here’s the thing…teachers are so overwhelmed and so stressed out, so weary and demoralized, that any suggestion of adding something to... Continue Reading →

The importance of staying inspired…

I'm in Denver for an educators' event called "Raise Your Hand," and it's made me realize how valuable it is for educators from all over the country to get together, share ideas and inspire each other. I've been teaching for 22 years, and I am still very passionate about my work, and events like I experienced... Continue Reading →

Six word memoirs…what’s yours?

I'm part of a teacher-leadership program, and we all had to submit a six word memoir--the story of our lives. Yes, six words! Well, mine has always been to go through life with the intent of making the world a bit of a better place than it was before (which, I think, is almost an... Continue Reading →

The future is in good hands, part #37

I am in Louisville this week, scoring advanced placement English Literature essays (with 2500 other college professors and English teachers from across the nation). I am impressed by a few things: 1) that there are 2500 English teachers from across the nation who spend a grueling seven days scoring essays. It's the hardest job I've... Continue Reading →

The impact of coaches: evaluate that!

I have been running with my high school’s cross-country team, which meets at 6AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. About 40-50 kids show up, some of the kids having already graduated but coming back to hang out with their coaches and their friends. Today, I think there were seven kids who are now in college.... Continue Reading →

My year of inviting politicians to class…

Almost every adult in this country went through some sort of a school in their youth; almost everyone has had at least one teacher. Sure, there are some adults who were home-schooled and some whose education occurred in other countries (like my mother), but the vast majority of our society’s adults went through public or... Continue Reading →

“Pay it forward…part 87”

         As teachers, we go to battle for our students all the time. We do those extra things that we aren’t paid for but that we know are in the best interests of our students.         Through the years, I couldn’t begin to count the number of times that I have gone to battle for students--the... Continue Reading →

Is apathy the deadliest sin?…

I was completely apathetic towards math when I was in school. It was hard for me and I pretty much stunk at it, which is probably why I probably had no strong connection to it. A catch-22 of sorts.However, like most people, I was totally motivated at all the things that I was good at,... Continue Reading →

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