What About the Side Effects?

I feel so good when I find someone expressing an idea that I can totally relate to. It’s like I’ve found a friend across Twitter and clicking that little heart is like shouting, “YES!” Yong Zhao of the University of Kansas earned a huge like from me for his July 16, 2018 blog post, “What... Continue Reading →

Calm down! Take it easy!

  The everyday life of children and adolescents today is characterized by increasing sensory overload and high, often exaggerated demands on their performance and psychological capacity. It is not uncommon for young people to be under great pressure of expectations and to be unsettled in their self-esteem and self-image. The mental health of our students... Continue Reading →

Headed To The Stars!

Dear LFIC Readers, I hope you have been enjoying the new content as much as I have! This isn't just a relaunch--we are headed to the stars! I am proud to announce that even MORE fabulous teacher leaders have joined our team. Here is a brief introduction to get you excited about what is yet... Continue Reading →

Go Rogue: Apathy Isn’t Working!

In 1997, I was 24 years old and new to teaching. I was young and naive, but I was excited to make a difference. During the first ten years, I was teaching, working on my Masters Degree, taking countless professional development classes to improve my practice, and I was starting a family. You would think... Continue Reading →

Shaping Mature Citizens

The future of our society is shaped by the children and young people who are growing up today; therefore our schools play an integral part in shaping mature citizens with the greatest possible degree of participation, creative skills, and organizational competence.  In today's world, it is no longer paramount for students to fulfill their obligations... Continue Reading →

Moms Get It

Yesterday I had one of those days: The kind that leave you staring at the floor for a few minutes while your brain takes a nap unintentionally. When I looked up, I recognized that numb feeling. It reminded me of my first-year teaching. Oh yeah, and I wasn’t teaching. I was just being a mom.... Continue Reading →

The Ins and Outs of BarCamps

What is a BarCamp? At a BarCamp a lot of people come together to discuss a common interest. First there is a round of introductions and everyone describes themselves with 3 keywords. Thereupon, the participants themselves offer various topics called sessions. If there is an interest in a session, it will be allocated a room... Continue Reading →

A Proud Relaunching

Dear LFIC readers, I am so happy to share that Lead from IN the Classroom [LFIC] is relaunching with fabulous new authors. You had the pleasure of meeting our first new author, Susan Collins, in her blog earlier this week! I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the talented new LFIC team,... Continue Reading →

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