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Teachers advocating for students…

When is a teacher no longer functioning as a teacher? I would argue that I ALWAYS represent my school district. I don’t drink alcohol, but I have bought alcohol before, and I remember running into the mom of one of

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Is it possible to “win a class over”?

On a national teachers’ Facebook page, someone recently asked, “How do you win a class over?” He got hundreds of responses, most of which I didn’t read, because I don’t think that there’s an answer to that which would be

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A gift to our future selves….

Sometimes (not often enough) I try to give a gift to my future self. This week, I am giving my future self the gift of time. Thus, even though school doesn’t start until Monday, I have been at school this

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My year of inviting politicians to class…

Almost every adult in this country went through some sort of a school in their youth; almost everyone has had at least one teacher. Sure, there are some adults who were home-schooled and some whose education occurred in other countries

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