Dr. Gene Glass: Who Owns the Future?

As part of my doctoral program, we have “Research Day” every semester. Students design presentations to share their research with the educational community–anyone really–because the event is free. This semester, we were so honored to have Dr. Gene Glass as our keynote speaker. He is certainly one of my heroes as far as teacher critical consciousness goes. He spoke about the perils today in education, and I wanted to share his remarks. You can read his keynote here: http://ed2worlds.blogspot.com/2014/05/who-owns-future-common-core-tfa-or-koch.html?m=1  Enjoy!

I'm a National Board Certified teacher (ECYA-ENS) for preschool students with special needs. I earned my doctorate in 2016 from ASU in Leadership and Innovation. My research focused on increasing leadership for special education teachers who work with paraeducators in their schools. I care about teacher leadership, special education, retention of early career teachers, National Board Certification, and improving outcomes for families affected by disabilities. I believe that teachers within the classroom should feel that their voice is valuable--and they should share their perspectives in the community to influence policies that affect us in the classrooms. The day of unfocused chatter is over. Time for action teachers!

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