Bravo Dana Goldstein: Teaching is an “Embattled Profession”

I wanted to share a wonderful news story I heard on Fresh Air last night. This story is an absolute must-listen for any teacher and especially for teacher leaders. On the program, Dana Goldstein discusses her recent book “The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession.” Dana and Terry Gross talk about the history of the profession, historical challenges, and contemporary issues. I especially liked the short discussion about concerns related to standardized testing (how it can narrow the curriculum and take the focus off actual learning). Additionally, I really appreciated when Dana mentioned her concern that teachers have limited opportunities for leadership and advancement unless they take the administrative track. I share this concern, and it’s absolutely the genesis of this blog. Teachers must have and seek opportunities to lead from IN the classroom. As a profession, we must demonstrate that teacher voices are valued, give them opportunities to mentor others, and encourage teachers to tell their stories in the community. Bravo to Dana and to Terry Gross for discussing this important topic. I am really looking forward to reading this book when I get a break from doctoral studies. It’s in my Amazon wishlist! Take some time to check out this story and hopefully the book as well.


I'm a National Board Certified teacher (ECYA-ENS) for preschool students with special needs. I earned my doctorate in 2016 from ASU in Leadership and Innovation. My research focused on increasing leadership for special education teachers who work with paraeducators in their schools. I care about teacher leadership, special education, retention of early career teachers, National Board Certification, and improving outcomes for families affected by disabilities. I believe that teachers within the classroom should feel that their voice is valuable--and they should share their perspectives in the community to influence policies that affect us in the classrooms. The day of unfocused chatter is over. Time for action teachers!

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