Educators: Are you talking about this election?

car signDear educators, this is just a quick post to ask the question, “Are you talking about this upcoming election in the community?” If you aren’t, I believe that you should be. The state election of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Governor, Secretary of State, and other important offices will dramatically influence education in future years. With all the hoop-la of negative ads, there are people out there who don’t know who to vote for–people who don’t know which candidates are good for education. Even worse, these people may not do the research and vote without encouragement.

As teachers, we have a special influence in the community and people do value the opinions of teachers. If you strongly believe that a candidate is the right person for an office, I encourage you to boldly tell others why you think so. I think that teachers have a challenge here because we have an inherent belief that people are entitled to have their own opinions, to make up their own minds. This value, though very noble, keeps us from telling other people our own opinions. Educators, I think that this will lead to our downfall in educational policy.

This year, I have been making intentional attempts to start conversations with people about the election. I encourage them to consider education very carefully when they make their decisions. When the right opportunity comes along, I share my opinions about the people who I believe in for this state. Despite my quickening heart and higher blood pressure in these conversations, no one has had a negative reaction (except me maybe!) People have been interested in my thoughts and shared their own. These conversations have been very stimulating. Most importantly, I remind people that it is very important to vote on November 4th. I tell them the date multiple times and ask how they vote (in person or by mail). I wrap up the conversation by quickly reminding them to think about education when they make election decisions this year.

Educators, don’t waste your influence by maintaining silence this year. There are great ways to have influence in social media, putting up house signs, decorating your car, and talking with people in person. This election counts. Use your voice.

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