New teachers: Be the change

Last week, I had the privilege to help welcome new special education teachers to my district. I absolutely LOVE early career teachers. Their enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. Being a special education induction coach (an after-school gig) is something that I am passionate about because we need excellent teachers who stay in this field. My... Continue Reading →

Lead with Compassion!

I just read a great article and had to share here:'t it true that leadership starts with compassion?...soul-deep, earth-shattering compassion? I think that teachers have the capacity to be incredible leaders because teachers often have enormous amounts of natural compassion and empathy for the struggles of others. When teachers see struggling students, struggling families,... Continue Reading →

True teacher leadership: Mentoring others

I think that one of the coolest things about teacher leadership is that sometimes, you don't even know you are leading. About two weeks ago, I got an excited call from a colleague. Last year was her first year teaching preschool special ed in my district. It was a challenging and frustrating year for her,... Continue Reading →

Retained!–in the good way

For all who read my initial post about a friend in special education who was leaving the profession, I am very happy to share that she decided to return as a special education teacher next year. I am delighted to have her as a talented colleague serving kids. Teacher leaders rejoice 🙂 Spread the love... Continue Reading →

Marathon complete

Well, I just completed my 9th highly-demanding marathon and I am worn out! NY City Marathon? Nope. Breast Cancer 3-day? Nope. Mud Race? Nope. Obstacle Course? Well, yes a little bit. Dress up and get paint sprayed on me race? Nope, definitely not that. I just completed my 9th year teaching! It was a dramatic... Continue Reading →

Dr. Gene Glass: Who Owns the Future?

As part of my doctoral program, we have "Research Day" every semester. Students design presentations to share their research with the educational community--anyone really--because the event is free. This semester, we were so honored to have Dr. Gene Glass as our keynote speaker. He is certainly one of my heroes as far as teacher critical... Continue Reading →

The teacher exodus continues…

With great sadness today, I signed my teaching contract for next year. I love my job. I love my classroom and my students. I love my district and the many caring educators who pour their hearts into teaching kids. My district has fought hard to keep the state budget cuts from decreasing teacher pay checks. We've... Continue Reading →

An excerpt from my speech at the Celebration of Accomplished Teaching

Here are some great comments from Beth Maloney, AZ Teacher of the Year 2014. I was really inspired by this speech, especially when she said: “Get your message out there because if you don’t tell your story, someone else will tell it for you.” Teachers, this is a powerful call to action. Get your stories out there! And if you are considering pursuing National Board Certification, I highly encourage you to begin the amazing journey!

Beth Maloney: Daring to Teach

Image With Carolyn Warner, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction, champion of students, and one of Beth’s heroes. P.S. She gave me a kiss after my speech and said, “Way to go, kid!”

On February 1, 2014 the Arizona K12 Center hosted a fabulous event to recognize and celebrate Arizona’s newest National Board Certified teachers and Master Teachers.  I was thrilled to be invited to speak.  Here is an excerpt from my keynote:

Welcome to the family!  We are many, but we speak with a unified voice, especially when we say congratulations.  You have elevated the credibility of our profession.  Take the time to let this achievement land. 

There was a recent study that asked: What does the public want to see from their teachers?  The 3 P’s: passion, professionalism, patience.  You have dedicated yourself to those.  And you proved you can follow directions really, really well.

I recently had the…

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