Breaking the Silence

Many apologies for the deafening silence on this blog for the last few months. Amongst the many things keeping me busy (and probably you, too!) I joined another blog team that requires scheduled postings--that are not allowed to be posted anywhere else. If it's ever quiet here, you might want to check out the cool... Continue Reading →

Go Together

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." --African proverb I've been thinking a lot about this proverb the last few days and the meaning it has to me. In my opinion, "go together" is just about the best advice I've ever heard for navigating this world--especially the professional... Continue Reading →

Educators: Are you talking about this election?

Dear educators, this is just a quick post to ask the question, "Are you talking about this upcoming election in the community?" If you aren't, I believe that you should be. The state election of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Governor, Secretary of State, and other important offices will dramatically influence education in future years. With... Continue Reading →

Teacher wellness: On the decline?

Want to know what I’ve been wondering about lately? I want to know if teacher health/wellness is declining amidst the pressure of educational reform today. A few days ago, I was walking behind a colleague and noticed that this person had gained some weight. It was nothing major--just something I observed. The observation prompted personal... Continue Reading →

TYLTS Day: One day, many lessons

Last week, I had the incredible privilege of hosting Representative Jonathan Larkin (District 30) at my school for the first annual Take Your Legislator to School Day (TYLTS). TYLTS Day originated under the leadership of Bobbie O’Boyle (Arizona Education Foundation) in partnership with Arizona K12 Center, Arizona Education Association, and Rodel Foundation of Arizona. The... Continue Reading →

Welcome Jeannie!

Chris and I would like to formally welcome Jeannie Grochocki to Lead from -IN- the Classroom! Jeannie is a talented teacher and a passionate teacher leader. I am really looking forward to her contributions as we advance the dialogue around teacher leadership together! Stay tuned...

Setting limits: Superhero strength needed!

Goodbye August! For teachers, back-to-school month is BRUTAL. On average, I worked 11-12 hour days over the last few weeks to keep up with the fast pace of my classroom, school, and district activities. Being a teacher in August takes superhero strength and endurance. Certainly, I was not alone. This is just what teachers do this time of year.As... Continue Reading →

Rebrand Teaching? Absolutely.

Like the temptation to gaze at a car accident, I cannot help but stare speechlessly when teachers attack one another in cyberspace over policy opinions, personal beliefs, or teaching pedagogy. Disagreements are unavoidable in this political climate, but teachers have a choice to disagree respectfully instead of crushing each other monster-truck style. It’s time for... Continue Reading →

What if we were ALL IN?

At our district opening ceremonies this week, there were great speeches surrounding the topic "be all in." Speakers connected the importance of being all in for students, all in for families, all in for our schools, and all in for team collaboration. I think that this is a great topic. I'm totally ALL IN because... Continue Reading →

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